Can My Child Safely Use a Teething Ring?

July 12, 2023

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parent smiling and holding baby using a teething ring

In their initial year of life, children experience teething as their first set of teeth starts emerging from their gums. While this is a natural process, it’s often uncomfortable, and many infants find it difficult to handle the associated discomfort. However, are you aware that using a teething ring can offer a helpful and secure way to alleviate this discomfort? Your pediatric dentist can provide more insights about these special teething toys along with some guidance on their proper usage.

A Closer Look at the Teething Process

Teething usually happens between 4 to 7 months of age, but it can start earlier or last longer. It’s often quite uncomfortable for most infants, leading to symptoms like swollen or tender gums, fussiness, excessive drooling, difficulty eating, sleep disruptions, and a tendency to bite on hard objects.

How Can Teething Rings Help?

Teething rings are a specific kind of teething toy, usually designed in a ring shape for easy gripping by young hands. They’re crafted from various safe materials like rubber, soft plastic, silicone, and wood.

These rings help children by giving them a suitable item to bite on during teething, offering soothing pressure to alleviate sore gums. Additionally, they serve as a distraction from much of the discomfort your child might be feeling.

Tips for Using Teething Rings

While the majority of dental professionals agree that teething rings are safe for infants, there are still important considerations to keep in mind. Follow these tips to ensure your little one uses their teething ring properly:

  • Choose the right teething rings – Pick ones made from safe materials like silicone, rubber, or soft plastic. Avoid rings with liquid inside or small attached parts, as these could be a choking hazard.
  • Use a chilled teething ring – Do this by refrigerating it for about 30 minutes, rather than freezing it, which can make it too hard. The coolness will offer extra relief.
  • Supervise your child – Make sure to look after them while they use the teething ring and avoid placing it around their neck, as this could also pose a choking risk.
  • Keep the toys clean – Make sure their teething toys remain clean by wiping them with a cloth or soaking them in warm soapy water before drying.
  • Don’t share teething rings – Do not let your child use a teething ring that was previously used by another child, and replace old teething toys when necessary.

If your child is going through teething and experiencing discomfort that’s hard to see, take comfort in knowing that teething rings are a secure and trustworthy remedy!

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